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Why is the water in my home not heating up?

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Burlingame Water Heater RepairSo often people take their homes for granted until something needs maintenance. No one thinks about how easy it is to turn on a light until a circuit breaker blows and suddenly they are unable to. Very seldom does someone appreciate the vital job a septic system does until it is backed up. In this same vein, people often ignore their water heaters until one day they jump into the shower only to be greeted with a stream of ice cold water. Things do not have to devolve to that level however. Here are some signs to watch for as a signal the water heater needs maintenance.

The first and probably most obvious sign is to pay attention if the temperature of the water starts to vary. When the water takes longer than usual to heat up, it is often a hint there is a problem starting to manifest. The quickest fix for this is to check the thermostat of the water heater and make sure it is functioning properly. If it is turned on, but water is not warming up then the thermostat may need to be replaced. The second important sign to look for is extra moisture. Check the area around the heater, as well as the heater itself, for any unusual wetness. Condensation on the heater and puddles around it are a clue that something is leaking and needs to be fixed. The third important sign that the heater needs to be examined is if it becomes noisy. More often than not this means hard minerals have collected in the heater while it performs its duties. This issue needs to be addressed immediately because it can do serious damage.

Regardless of which sign is being experienced, go with any gut feelings. People often sense when something is wrong but choose to ignore it, hoping the problem will solve itself. While these issues may start out small, they can quickly escalate. Unfortunately, by the time they are actually being addressed the damage is already done. Then the owner is looking at either a large repair bill or in some cases a new water heater. Do not let things get this far. Pay attention to the signs listed above and the water heater will last for many years to come.

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