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Why you should hire a professional rather than DIY

Reasons why hiring a professional is the right choice for that DIY project


San Mateo PlumberDo it yourself plumbing gives the appearance of being an economical way to complete home improvement tasks quickly. That depends on the skills of the person performing the task and the complexity of the job. Once started many persons choosing the DIY option regret it because after wasting hours of precious time and investing in tools and supplies, they still have to call a professional plumber to complete the project.

Ignoring or Being Ignorant of Safety Guidelines

Many persons who choose to do their own plumbing are either ignorant of the proper safety guidelines to follow for their plumbing project or they ignore those safety guidelines, thinking they’re not important.

  • If working near a power source, turn off the electricity.
  • Turn off or disconnect the water supply before starting your plumbing job.
  • Protect your eyes from flying projectiles and forceful water sprays.
  • Protect your ears if using loud power tools such as power saws.
  • Use a face mask to protect against dust and a respirator to protect against fumes.
  • Use the right tools for the job at hand. Some tools are expensive and may not be available to rent. In such cases it is more economical to hire a professional who has invested in those tools, rather than buying them yourself.
  • Wear gloves and protective clothing if there is a possibility of being exposed to scalding water temperatures.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy just in case there is an emergency situation.

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Warranty

Some homes come with a warranty that is honored by the builder as long as a certified professional performs all the repairs and upgrades on your plumbing. If a novice who lacks those certifications does the repairs, the warranty may be forfeited. The amount saved by doing it yourself versus hiring a professional may actually be nominal when compared to the value of the warranty.

San Mateo PlumbingTotal Savings from Do-It-Yourself Repairs

The average do-it-yourself repair ranges from snaking a pipe to replacing a sink or toilet. Before electing to do this job yourself, compare your hourly wage to the time it would take to learn the steps for completing this job and the time it would take you to actually do the work. If you earn $20 per hour and it would take you longer than 13 hours to learn about the job and complete the job, you would save money by hiring a professional plumber.

Most novices would save money and time by paying a plumber instead of trying to do the job themselves. Not only do you save money on the time invested in the work, but you also hire someone who is familiar with the safety guidelines, will protect the existing warranty and is capable of doing the job right the first time. Save money, save time and save yourself the undue stress of trying to perform plumbing jobs by hiring a certified plumber for all your plumbing needs.

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