Contrary to what you have heard, disposable wipes are not “flushable” and can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system.

Since wet wipes don’t dissolve and do not break down like toilet papers, flushing them can cause major clogs and blockages to your pipes.

They may not cause an immediate issue, but major problems will arise later on when it moves through you and your municipal sewer system. They will clump together with greases and other materials causing major sewer backups in the lines. And if they make it into the wastewater plant, they can damage the system’s machinery.

To avoid problems with your sewer system, avoid disposing these items down your toilet. What are the other reasons why you never flush wet wipes down your drain?


A fatberg is a condition wherein wipes and other debris clumps together in your pipes, creating an iceberg-like structure, making it impossible to clean. Fatbergs can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of plumbing repairs and even the smaller variants called “softball clogs” can be damaging to your system.

They are not biodegradable

The materials that are used in the disposable wipes are similar to what you can find in plastic bags or bottles— making them non-biodegradable and hazardous not only to your environment but as well as to your plumbing system.

It doesn’t break apart

Most of us might be thinking that wet wipes dissolve once flushed down the toilet, but in reality, it almost never does. Regular wipes are made out of natural synthetic fibers, such as rayon and cotton mixed with polyethylene and polypropylene. This makes them extremely strong but extremely thin at the same time, which in turn makes them perfect for causing clog and septic problems.

They cling to other types of waste

Once you flush down your wipes down to your drain, other debris such as fat, grease, and other dirt can clump together with it, creating a wall of wipes that would block your pipes. This wall prevents anything else from reaching the sewer system, a professional plumbing service would have to be called in order to fix the problem.

Solutions to Keep the Pipes Clear

The last thing we want to experience is a clogged sewer overflowing into our streets. As much as possible, stop flushing wipes to your toilet and just put them down directly to the trash bin. This way, you can avoid costly repairs caused by clogged pipes and blocked sewer lines.

Got a Clog? Caccia Plumbing can Help.

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