A lot of homeowners are being careful using household cleaning products due to the toxic chemicals they have. Well, the good thing is that you can have a clean and fresh bathroom without using a toxic chemical cleaner or buying an expensive cleaning products.

Many companies nowadays are thriving for greener and environmentally friendly products but oftentimes, they cost more. But don’t worry, we have a solution for this: homemade cleaner.

Homemade cleaners use ingredients that you apparently already have in your home and are safe to use around your kid, pets, and even you. These homemade cleaners eliminate germs, bacteria, and contaminants as well as ensure to keep your toilet in an optimal condition. Get ready to learn about these toilet cleaning tips that actually work!

White Vinegar

Another cleaning ingredient that you can easily find in your kitchen is white vinegar. Vinegar is quite an effective cleaning tool and while some products on the market claim to effectively clean your toilet, white vinegar is much simpler— not to mention cheaper. It is also a great option for homeowners who like to avoid using chemical cleaners and just want to keep things green.

To clean your toilet with vinegar, just simply pour it down in your toilet (but using a clean spray bottle can save you money) and let it soak for an hour or overnight depending on how dirty your toilet is. Next, use a toilet brush and wash the vinegar away and watch your toilet come out spotless and clean!


Surprisingly, Coca-Cola can be used to clean your toilet bowl. Since Coca-Cola contains carbonic, citric, and phosphoric acids, it’s great for tough stains and dissolving toilet rust rings. Here’s how: Just pour a can of Coke around the rim, make sure it fully coats the bowl, and then let it sit for at least an hour or let the acids in the soda break down the stains. Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush, then flush. After doing this, your toilet will look good as new!

Essential Oils

You’ll be surprised when you see the gleaming effects of essential oils applied to your toilet fixtures. Most plant-based oil possesses antiviral, antibacterial, and even antifungal properties. It has been found that tea tree oil can kill most forms of bacteria when added to a cleaner at a 0.5-0.10 percent concentration.

Baking Soda

Although baking soda is mild enough to use on most household surfaces, it is a highly effective cleaning product that also happens to be eco-friendly—and safe to use in your toilet bowl.

Sodium bicarbonate or also known as baking soda contains ingredients that are capable of wearing away stains. You can just simply spread it around your toilet bowl and let it sit for around 30 minutes. After leaving it for almost half an hour, all you have to do is flush the toilet and it should keep your toilet bowl free of stains and those ugly rings.

It is essential to maintain your bathroom, as it is one of the most important rooms in your home; a place where you can calm your mind and relax. But if you’re looking to make your bathroom more appealing and is functional, you can always contact Caccia Plumbing and we’ll evaluate, maintain, and repair your bathroom, ensuring that your plumbing system is at optimal efficiency!