Our foundation for providing great service to our community lies in our support for our employee’s work-life balance. We firmly believe that a happy and balanced employee is more likely to perform better at work, and that can provide an array of other amazing benefits for a business.

Happier employees at work and at home, lessen their stress and tend to be in better health which increased productivity, creativity, and also promoted greater levels of pride in their work. We believe that there are new ways to make work “work” in a way that could benefit both employers and employees. Flexibility is a critical component of workplace effectiveness and employees who work in a flexible and effective workplace are more likely to be engaged in their jobs and committed to helping the company succeed.


Balancing your professional and personal life can be a challenge. Research shows that overworked employees are unhealthier and prone to on job errors, absenteeism, burnout, and turnover. We may want to be dedicated and hardworking, but, we also need to have a good work-life balance. Here are 5 simple things that you can do to promote a healthier work-life.

Leave Work at A Reasonable Hour (and Leave Work at Work)

Working late into the night leads to pressure, burnout, and unproductivity. You need to get some rest and spend time away from work in order to come to work every day renewed and ready for a new day.


Family members may have various views on work-life balance and it’s essential to take time to actually understand each perspective. This cuts down on any potential unnecessary frustration and helps to increase understanding and support. Communicating your plan with others will avoid unclear expectations and disappointment.

Respect your Private Time

An emergency would most likely have to come up before you would reschedule an important work meeting. Give your own time the same respect. Once you have put private time on your schedule, protect it, unless there is an emergency.

Recognize the Signs of being Overworked

You need to know the signs of being overworked such as fatigue, job apathy, errors, and absenteeism. Know and understand your workload and stress to do your job more efficiently.

Live by your Values

Do a rational check and be clear to others on what is important to you. If you value family but keep putting work first by staying late every night, you are sending a contradictory message. This also affects your own psyche and can bring feelings of negativity into your work or home life.

Achieving work-life balance is a never-ending journey, and your needs will be different at different times in your life. Set aside some time once every other month or so to reflect on your current balance, what you would like it to be, and what the plan is for arriving there.

The life + work balance means everything to us. We love hearing about all the great ways Caccia Plumbers spend their time away from work. We believe family, life and staying healthy is the best way to live.