Your plumbing system enables you to carry out the majority of your home activities with ease. When your draining system is clogged with dirt, food waste, hair, grease, minerals, tree roots, toilet paper, or soap, you may deal with a problem. Don’t put off dealing with your drain until it’s fully clogged. Even if it’s still functional, drain cleaning should be at the top of your home’s to-do list.

When you hire a professional plumber to clean your drain, you’re getting access to their skills, tools, and assurance that your drains are cleaned and functioning properly. Here are five indicators of why you should hire a drain cleaning company.

Your Drain Has a Terrible Odor

If you ever noticed a musty or fishy smell stemming from your plumbing fixtures, it might be your drain that’s causing the unpleasant odor.

Several factors may be causing the smell. It might just be a build-up of gunk, particularly in the drains of your bathroom or kitchen sinks. Coffee grinds, fats, grease, hygiene products, and paper towels are all examples of things that might cause a build-up too. It’s also possible that the foul odor is coming from the sewer system. Whatever the culprit is, foul smells coming from your drain is a sign to call a professional plumber.

Frequent clogs

When you have to unclog the toilet or shower drain on a regular basis, don’t just assume that it is a coincidence. When you have regular clogs, you are possibly experiencing a serious blockage within your house. If your efforts are insufficient, it is best to let a professional plumber tackle the issue.

Gurgling sounds

Strange noises are always concerning, but you’d be shocked how often most homeowners opt to ignore them.

Oftentimes, sinks and toilets can create strange noises due to a clog in your pipe or drain. Such unnecessary trash makes it difficult for water to drain and ends up making strange noises.

Another possibility is that dirt has accumulated in the lines. It obstructs the process of draining the water. This causes the formation of air bubbles, which are then released through your toilet and sinks. To solve this, call your plumber to fix the problem once and for all.

Standing Water

When your drains get clogged, water will have nowhere to go and may back up into your home. Wastewater backing up into your showers, bathtubs, and kitchen sink are hazardous to your health. Generally, standing water shouldn’t cause panic. However, you should call a professional to verify that the clog is properly removed and that you are not causing more harm to your pipes.

Puddles Are Forming in the Backyard

Most homeowners would not recognize a puddle occurring in their backyard as a sign of a clogged drain, but it is. Make it a habit to inspect your backyard on a regular basis and take a mental note of where puddles tend to form and where they don’t in your home.

Puddles in the backyard are usually the result of a clogged drain in your yard. Sediments (such as sticks, twigs, and leaves) can easily become lodged within and produce a blockage.

If caught early on, this can be fixed with relative ease. If not, it may cause serious harm to your landscaping as well as the foundation of your home. Moreover, it invites pesky pests and mosquitoes that are not good for your health.

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