We all love our little furry friends as they brought so much joy and love to us and to our family, but there are several things to consider when it comes to how they may affect our plumbing system and what effects our plumbing could have on them.

No matter what pet you have at home, sometimes, you have to make some small adjustments to keep them healthy and avoid plumbing repairs and replacement. Here are some tips that you might want to take in order to keep your plumbing safe and your furry friend out of trouble!.

Does Your Pet Love to Dig?

If your furry friend spends a lot of their time digging holes in your yard, always make sure that they don’t end up digging too deep where they can possibly put a hole through your water or sewer line. If holes are created in the side of plumbing lines, it can cause some serious damage and may result to flooding in your home and might as well hurt your pets, both things you do not want to happen.

Hide Away Your Exposed Pipes and Wiring

Pets love to chew anything they can get their hands on. If they unexpectedly chew through your piping that is exposed, you could face water damage. Always make sure that you hide them or keep any cabinets that contain exposed piping firmly shut and might as well cover your floor drains with rugs. In that way, you can make sure that both your pet and your plumbing are safe.

Give Your Pets Clean Water

When your pets run out of water and get thirsty, they can go desperate sometimes and will take any measure to find some. Some pets are clever enough to know how to turn on faucets, which can be very dangerous and can cause a flood or run your water bill up.
If you’re not home, always fill your pet’s water bowl and leave a sufficient amount of water. For added safety, always keep your bathroom doors closed. This way, they won’t accidentally drink dirty or contaminated water.

Protect Your Pets from Any Accessible Drains and Valves

Just like how we protect our children in our homes, we also must take some steps to protect our pets. Make sure that all drains and valves are covered and protected from being accessible to your pets. That way, you can keep them out from any harm. Moreover, you can also install a pressure-balancing valves and make sure that it is functioning properly so your pets are comfortable and safe during their bath time.

How to Keep Your Pets Hair out of your Drains and Pipes

The best thing we can do for our pets is to ensure we protect them from the danger of open pipes, their hair causing blockage or damaging pipes through chewing among others. The following tips are meant to keep the pipes and drains of your San Mateo home clean and your pets out of danger every time.

Use Drain Strainers during Bath Time

When you are washing your cat or dog in the bathtub, be sure to use a drainer strainer. Pets are known to shed a lot of hair which may clog the drain or worse, the pipes. However, some people think that some pets especially those with short hair do not shed a lot of hair. This is an underestimation because they too shed a lot of hair.

If you have a dog that sheds hair during a bath, you will better understand how shedding works. If you want to estimate how much hair a dog or cat sheds, take into account the amount of hair on your couch daily if the pet spends most of its time there. Imagine the same amount of hair in your drain, it could cause build-up that would slow down the moving waste in the drain.

Keep Your Toilet lids Closed

Pets are known to love notoriously drinking water in the toilet bowl. Also, the residue left behind your household cleaners can be very hazardous to pets. The best practice is to ensure the toilet lid is always closed.

This prevents two issues; prevents your pet from drinking dirty and contaminated water and prevents them from accidentally ingesting dangerous materials. The other benefit is to ensure the pets doesn’t play with the water inside the bowl. As the toilet water is unclean, pets playing with it could make the toilet dirty and spreading germs in the house.

Throw Cat Litter in the Trash Can

Be careful not to flush pets litter. Pet’s Litter is not meant to be flushed through the San Mateo toilet. The best way to dispose of pets litter is to throw it in the trash can. Flushing the pets litter might cause buildup down your drain, and continued flush may slow down the moving waste in the drain.

Keep Your Pets Safe with Caccia Plumbing

By taking these steps in mind you can rest assured that both your plumbing system and furry friends are safe. However, if something comes up, give us a call at (864) 392-5498 or schedule an appointment through our website. The experts at Caccia Plumbing can help you with all your plumbing problems.