What Consumes the Most Water In My Home?

As homeowners with water consumption issues, we usually have an average amount to expect our water bill to be each month. This can increase slightly when we have house guests over, or during certain months such as the spring or summer when we water our lawns.

In the event that our water bill gets extremely high without cause, it is an indication that there is a leak present within our plumbing system.


Leaks can be present throughout your home and property in various places. You could have a leaking toilet that can cause you to waste 15 to 200 gallons of water per day or even more. Some people are able to identify a leaking toilet due to their toilet continuing to run throughout the day.

In the eyes of many homeowners, a leaking toilet is a fixable problem that can be repaired with the help of do-it-yourself manuals. Fixing the problem on your own is not recommended. A homeowner that tries to repair his or her own plumbing problem can cause further damage to be done. Further damage can result in additional water being wasted, a higher water bill, and/or an expensive repair bill.

Outside leaks

All leaks are not contained within your home; some may be present underground or outdoors. These types of leaks can be massive and result in you wasting and paying additional money. A ½ inch leak in one of your pipes can cause over 60,000 gallons of water to be wasted within a day.

Water ConsumptionThis amount of water being leaked not only can cause your water bill to almost double but it can cause damage to your yard. Don’t let this happen to you. If you ever see a spike in your water bill or if you notice that your water pressure throughout your home is low be sure to contact a licensed plumber.

Do Not Ignore the Issue

For those that see an increase in your monthly water bill but think that they problem will somehow go away on its own, think again. Ignoring a leak can actually cause the problem to get worse. A small leak can increase in size. When this occurs more water is will leak out causing your water bill to increase even more.

What Can Be Done?

Instead of ignoring a higher than usual water bill or possibly because a bigger plumbing problem to develop, be sure to reach out to a licensed plumber. A licensed plumber will be able to inspect your plumbing system and identify any leaks that you may have and repair them.

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