Choosing a New Water Heater: What Factors Should I Consider? 

A water heater purchase is an investment. With so many choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but we can help. Concentrate on finding the best water heater by using the factors listed below, and learn more about water heater maintenance.Factors

Size: Pick a size that will fit into the home. A good judgement of size is measuring the current water heater. Measure the length, width, and circumference. Search for a heater with those measurements. Something too large will not fit; something too small won’t create enough hot water for your needs.

Fuel type: Natural gas, propane, electric, fuel oil and geothermal energy are the main types of fuel to operate the heater. Consider the utility costs using the current heater and find a heater that will equal or lower the cost while maintaining effectiveness. We can assist you with money-saving water heaters. Also, consider the type of fuel lines in the water heater space.

Energy-efficiency: Money-saving water heaters are energy efficient. They make the same amount of hot water by using fewer resources. Look for water heaters with an energy factor number of at least .67. High numbers have more energy-efficient methods than lower numbers.

Tankless vs. Tank/Traditional: Traditional water heaters heat cold water and store it until the sink calls for hot water. It usually takes a while for the hot water to come, and it takes a while to come back after the hot water is used. Tankless heaters, on the other hand, heat water as soon as the hot water is on, creating unlimited hot water. Traditional Tanks are less expensive; Tankless are energy-efficient, but require an outside vent.

Solar Water Heaters

San Mateo New Water HeaterA new concept in water heaters is solar water heaters. It uses natural sunlight to heat water. Capturing sunlight depends on the type of solar heater used.

Some let sunlight in to heat water directly while others use liquid to get the sun’s heat rays. The liquid heat rays are transferred into water. This is great for climates with plenty of sunlight year round.


Water heater maintenance depends on how often you use the heater and the people in the home. Most people need to drain the water heater once per year and check it twice a year. For more than two people in the home it needs draining twice a year and checked more often. Always read the instructions on the heater before performing any maintenance.

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