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Burlingame Backflow Testing Certification

Burlingame Backflow Testing & Certification Services

Is your home protected against backflow? Call (650) 376-6800 and get the very best Burlingame backflow testing solutions and certification services today! Click here to take advantage of our coupons and discounts.

Backflow Testing Certification Services in Burlingame, CA

One of the most important things to take into account as a homeowner, is how critical preventive services can be. One common issue that can occur is flooding. Whether from natural means, or a burst pipe, having a device in place to prevent damage in your home is important. That is why we provide our customers with industry leading Burlingame backflow testing and certification services. See what our happy customers have to say here, and call us today!

What is backflow?

Backflow is defined as the undesired reversal of water flow from its intended direction in a plumbing system or pipeline. It can cause water that is contaminated to enter a pipe that carries fresh water, resulting in the water becoming unusable. When water is traveling through the distribution system, it is constantly being pressurized.

A significant amount of pressure is needed to enable water to flow from the shower, tap, etc. If pressure is lost inside of the water system, then water flow can be reversed. By having a prevention device installed in your home, worrying about backflow will be a thing of the past.

What causes this issue?

Backflow can occur for various reasons. They include:

  • Frozen pipes
  • A water main burst
  • Increased demands on the water system
  • Sewage line ruptures

All of these situations are examples of some of the situations that can cause the pressure to be reduced. There are two types of backflow, back-siphonage and backpressure backflow. Our plumbers can provide you with effective repairs for all these types of backflow.

How can this problem affect your home?

Backflow is a major plumbing problem. If backflow leaks into your walls or floors, then it can cause extensive damage to your home. It can also put extra pressure on the pipes, which can cause the them to burst. Backflow can also allow microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria, to enter your water. This can pose serious health risks for your home and family which is why getting your system tested is critical to your home.

What is the importance of testing and certification?

Backflow can cause serious damage and can also be a health risk, which is why it is best for people to try to prevent it from occurring. One of the most important things that you can do to prevent backflow is to install a Burlingame backflow prevention device. Backflow prevention devices are also required by many buildings.

Just like any other type of equipment, a backflow device must be tested periodically in order to ensure that it is functioning properly. Our professionals will inspect all of the parts of the device, including the shut off valves and air inlet valves.

If there is a problem with the backflow prevention device, then our technicians can easily correct it. Our experts recommend that backflow devices be tested at least once a year. We are certified to perform these inspections and can schedule them according to your availability.

The James Caccia Plumbing Inc. difference

Our goal is to always put our customers and their needs first. By doing this we are able to live by our mantra of building trust through our innovative and excellent plumbing services. For customers in Burlingame, we are available for all your backflow needs. From the installation of a prevention device, to the inspection of your existing one, our plumbers are here to help.

Need backflow services for your home? Call us at (650) 642-5363 and get industry leading Burlingame backflow testing and prevention services today!

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