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San Carlos Boiler Repair

San Carlos Boiler Repair Services

Is your boiler in need of professional repair solutions? Call us at (650) 376-6800 and get highly skilled San Carlos boiler repair services for your home today! Or click here to take advantage of our coupons and discounts.

Boiler Services in San Carlos, CA

A regularly maintained boiler keeps families safe and results in lowers utility costs. One of the biggest risks of not having timely repairs is that the unit can malfunction, causing carbon monoxide poisoning. An aging boiler can lead to energy inefficiency and higher utility costs. This is why it is recommended to have the unit serviced regularly. At James Caccia Plumbing Inc. we offer our customers industry leading San Carlos boiler repair solutions. See what our satisfied customers are saying here, and call us today to get your home back in working order in no time!

What are some signs that your boiler is in need of repairs?

There are numerous indications that there may be something wrong with the boiler. Short of it not working altogether, there are some things to look for when assessing the health of the boiler. Common signs of damage include:

  • Burner flames begin to burn orange or yellow, as the color is supposed to be blue.
  • Having difficulty lighting the boiler, or the light does not stay on long after being lit.
  • Strange odors coming from the boiler could signify there is a potential gas leak.
  • Noticing soot and staining on the unit is another indication that the boiler may be damaged.

When any of these symptoms crop up in your boiler, call our professionals. We offer the very best San Carlos boiler repair services, and can get your unit back into working condition in no time!

When should you replace your unit?

Uneven heating during different times of the day is a sign that the unit may need to be replaced. The heating on one floor may be inconsistent with the heating on the second level. When your unit is operating at maximum capacity and is not properly heating the home, that’s a sign the unit must be replaced.

If the boiler is old, it may have to be repaired more frequently. When the repairs become a consistent expense, weighing the costs of swapping the unit out altogether is recommended. The new boiler is more energy efficient and can help you save on home heating costs.

Water leaks are another sign. If the boiler springs a leak, chances are the boiler system needs to be replaced. This can not only cause the unit to fail to function, but it can also cause significant water damage to your home.

Our professionals offer specialized San Carlos boiler replacement services to all our customers in the area. We can help you choose a unit that suits your needs and also your budget. We will then install it for you to factory standards, to ensure optimal functionality at all times.

Do you need maintenance services?

One way to ensure the best functionality and longevity of your unit is through the use of maintenance services. Our professionals offer expert San Carlos boiler maintenance services that can be scheduled throughout the year. By performing these services on a consistent basis, you can ensure that your unit is working at all times; guaranteed.

Looking for a plumbing professional to help with your boiler needs? Call us at (650) 376-6800 and get industry leading San Carlos boiler repair solutions today!

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