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Need your backflow preventor tested and certified in the San Mateo area by a reliable plumbing company? Call James Caccia Plumbing Inc today at (650) 376-6800.

Backflow Testing Certification Services in San Mateo, CA

Mostly, the backflow device installation and testing is the responsibility of both residential and commercial users. Usually backflow devices should be installed and tested on annual basis. For instance, when you install a sprinkler system that is metered independently from the main water supply of the house.

Most of the companies take the necessary annual backflow device repair or testing in their stride as the cost of conducting business. However, many homeowners are not too inclined for backflow device testing and certification. This is mainly due to the lack of understanding on two main points:

* Many homeowners resist this annual expense as they feel that cost of backflow testing should be covered in the water bills.

* There is lack of understanding about the significance of the cross connection control process/backflow prevention in general, and the hazards if this process suffers due to the neglect or failure. The threat of contamination or pollution entering your potable water system is real.

In order to address all these issues, homeowners must first understand that their water bill does not include any backflow device testing fee. Also, the water supply company owns the pipes only from the water source to your water meter. So beyond that, including backflow device belongs to the homeowner Therefore, they must ensure that testing is properly accomplished by the owner of this device.

The cross connection control process is mandated by the state and federal governments. It is not just a policy implemented by a specific water purveyor, but threat to our potable water system is very real. So, all laws controlling cross connection process are quite stringent. The laws are there to protect the public from the contamination and pollution threats to the potable power supply.

Therefore, backflow prevention/ cross connection program is in place to protect you. Contaminants and pollutants can be introduced in the potable water system at any point at which they come in contact with each other. In other words, there are chances of certain non-potable substances getting introduced in the potable water system through back pressure or backsiphonage, so a backflow prevention device should be there and should operate properly in any backflow condition.

As backflow preventor has mechanical devices with many moving parts, gaskets, springs, o-rings, gaskets, etc, they wear and may fail with time. This is the biggest reason why they should be tested annually as per law. Therefore, it’s in the best of your interest to participate in a Backflow Prevention program. This will ensure that your drinking water is safe, pure and healthy.

Need your backflow preventor tested and certified in the San Mateo area by a reliable plumbing company? Call James Caccia Plumbing Inc today at (650) 376-6800.

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Angelo from Caccia repaired a gas line leak under our house today. He was very knowledgeable, personable and took the time to explain our plumbing needs as well as other observations about our home. I also appreciated that he explained the entire process of this repair from beginning to end, shared how and why he was conducting pressure tests and provided the results of the pressure test to me. I was surprised to learn we were losing 4 lbs of pressure per minute!

Caccia's price was a little higher than another quote I got, but the work was thorough, honest and I can sleep well tonight knowing the leak was repaired same day. Angelo basically treated our home like his own.

Update 2016. Still LOVE these guys. Have you ever hugged a plumber? I did today. We had a major clog in our sewage pipes that two other plumbers couldn't clear. These guys cleared it in an hour and install a new toilet. Tyrone and Ruben were so considerate, kept me updated on the progress and just did a great job. Very professional but personable. Thank you Caccia!