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Are you looking for septic tank plumbing services in the San Mateo area? Call us now at (650) 376-6800 to schedule an appointment with our friendly, helpful staff.

Septic Tank Repair Services in San Mateo, CA

Septic tanks require regular maintenance and repair to work properly and to ensure a maximum useful life. A septic system consists of several components. The most basic system includes a large tank where the waste is processed and field lines that discharge the treated water back into the ground. More complex systems also have a secondary treatment step that further cleans the water before discharge. The most common maintenance activities performed on septic systems involve clearing the line between the home and the tank, pumping the tank to remove accumulated solids and repairing field lines that become clogged over time.

Many newer septic systems are equipped with a control panel featuring alarms or lights that alert a homeowner to a potential problem with the system. Other indications of septic system problems are bubbling sounds in toilets and drains, standing water in the disposal field, especially water that smells foul, and sewage backing up into the house. A septic system problem will not resolve on its own. Ignoring septic system problems only makes the underlying problems worse.

If repair and maintenance is neglected, the tank may overflow or the field lines may become filled with solid material, which will eventually lead to a complete system failure. A failed system means that a new septic system must be installed in a different area of the yard. Depending upon the size and the native soil in the area, a new system can cost up to $20,000 and necessitate the disruption of a large section of property.

Regular septic maintenance and repair can extend the life of a septic tank and field lines. Emergency repairs are much more costly than regular maintenance. When a septic system fails, it almost never happens during normal business hours. Instead, a system is prone to failing during a holiday when your house is filled with guests or in the middle of the night. The embarrassment, mess and cost of dealing with a failed septic system can be prevented by hiring a professional to perform maintenance on your septic system on a regular schedule or at the first sign of a problem.

Are you looking for septic tank plumbing services in the San Mateo area? Call us now at (650) 376-6800 to schedule an appointment with our friendly, helpful staff.

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Angelo from Caccia repaired a gas line leak under our house today. He was very knowledgeable, personable and took the time to explain our plumbing needs as well as other observations about our home. I also appreciated that he explained the entire process of this repair from beginning to end, shared how and why he was conducting pressure tests and provided the results of the pressure test to me. I was surprised to learn we were losing 4 lbs of pressure per minute!

Caccia's price was a little higher than another quote I got, but the work was thorough, honest and I can sleep well tonight knowing the leak was repaired same day. Angelo basically treated our home like his own.

Update 2016. Still LOVE these guys. Have you ever hugged a plumber? I did today. We had a major clog in our sewage pipes that two other plumbers couldn't clear. These guys cleared it in an hour and install a new toilet. Tyrone and Ruben were so considerate, kept me updated on the progress and just did a great job. Very professional but personable. Thank you Caccia!