There are millions of sewage lines in the United States as they are an important element of every infrastructure and guarantees that our waste does not harm our living areas or the environment.

A sewage line camera examination can detect problems that you may not be aware of in your sewer system.

If you’ve been having problems with your sewage lines but aren’t sure what’s causing them, consulting a professional is the best option. Before digging the line, an expert contractor might use a sewage line camera to receive visual input and assess the problem. This can save a lot of money in some circumstances since excavation may not be required after all.

Camera Inspection of Sewer Lines

An assessment of your sewer pipes used to be expensive and time-consuming. Large pits had to be dug up on the land where they were buried. That is no longer the case, and as a result, you may have an inspection performed without causing any interruption to your house or property.

This is accomplished by sending a camera down a sewage system to identify any issues. The footage is then evaluated by the plumber, and the results and inspection are captured on camera. This is not a new technology, but it may detect numerous issues that a visual check may overlook. Some issues can be resolved with a high-pressure jetting of the line, while others may necessitate further steps.

Sagging Pipes

As pipes age, their weight continues to press down on the ground on which they are installed. This, in conjunction with other geological variables, can cause pipelines to sag. This occurs when a segment of the sewer pipe descends slightly deeper than the remainder of the sewer line.

This type of damage may not be obvious if the pipe is exposed. It will be much simpler to see and detect from inside the pipe. Putting strain on your sewage line may cause further issues, and if the sag becomes

Tree Roots

If you have trees in your yard, there is a good possibility you may have to deal with this type of plumbing issue. Pipes consisting of cast iron, clay, or other porous materials are prone to tree root intrusion.

Tree roots seek water by digging through fractures in the pipes, which not only clogs but also destroys them. Because of the damages and labour needed, repairing this situation can be quite expensive.

Cameras are adaptable and may readily pass through pipelines, assisting in the detection of any penetration by tree roots. This implies that the plumber will be able to diagnose the problem without first digging up the grass.

Grease in the Line

Cooking grease and oil are a major clog in sewage pipes. The grease thickens as it cools and might become caked on the interior of the pipe. This causes the water flow to restrict, resulting in blockages, poor drainage, and even total obstruction. A sewage line camera examination can display the inside of the pipe.

Oil and grease should be discarded in the garbage. There is never a moment when it is a good idea to dump hot or cold grease down a drain. This stealthy build-up can cause a slew of problems later on, and the expense of locating it and cleaning the sewer line pales in comparison to the cost of repeated repairs.

Sewer Pipes That Have Collapsed

Sewer line blockages can also be caused by collapsing pipes. Your plumber will not be able to see whether the pipes have collapsed unless he uses a camera.

The cameras will be able to determine whether or not the pipe has collapsed or been damaged, as well as the precise position of the collapse.

A Sewer Camera Can Help Detect Rust in Pipes

Metal sewer pipes are prone to corrosion over time. When a metal corrodes severely, it becomes weak and cracks.

Corrosion may spread if not addressed, thus it is critical to repair any damaged pipes as soon as they are discovered.

If your drains are backing up, your drainage is leaking, or you have seen pools of water or sewage in your yard, you may have a sewer drainage problem. If you notice any of these warning signals, contact a plumber immediately.

Plumbing problems are nearly hard to live with, and you will only have piece of mind if you can discover and repair them as soon as possible. Using sewer cameras will assist you in accomplishing this.

Sewer and Drainage Pipe Inspection

A sewer camera inspection may help you save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on repairing and fixing sewage problems again and over. Using it will also save you from having to pay for plumbing issues that were misdiagnosed.

When you get your sewer lines examined, you might discover many problems before they become serious problems. You may then take measures to repair them yourself, and if there is significant damage, the plumber can provide an estimate.

Sewer line camera examinations and repairs should be carried out by a reputable and skilled plumber. If you need a sewage line check in the San Mateo area, Caccia Plumbing is here to help.